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Save Miku artEdit

This page is for links to all forms of art for the Save Miku project.

Please post links, not embeds, to avoid bloating the page.

The original maintainer of this Wiki can not find all art - so if something is missing, just add it!

Non-fiction publications go here: Publications

VideosEdit [Commie] Tell Your World (livetune feat. Hatsune Miku) - Google Chrome PV


DeviantArt community:


Uploaded illustrations in this wikiaEdit

Backup5 Promotion Video

How to find SAVE MIKU Arts Search "SAVE MIKU"

Illustration,Video and Art works 【イラスト、ビデオ、アート作品】Edit

Please write URL address of the original illustration and video.

Art : pictures, videos, fiction, and other works of art about the Save Miku campaign. Please add links!

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Illustration, Acknowledgements and Credit2 Please add illustration freely.

Bar and Cafe (All language) (free use for everyone, 飲み会と雑談所)

References, Acknowledgement and Credit Please write URL of the original Illustration.