This Website is Under Construction. DO NOT COPY this Text.
This Page is Under Construction. DO NOT COPY this Text.

Content of this page may old.
Please do not over react to recover deleted videos in YouTube.
Please consider that original Producer of the video may not want to recover video sometime.
First, please think about INVESTIGATION of deleted video Only in YouTube.
Over reaction may not good for the emotion of original Producer sometime.

If you find the page of Japanese wiki and English wiki in Japan.

Please copy here as a backup file.

Do not show the link of this page to menue nor other pages at initial.

Many pages may be going to deleted in Japan.

This page is under construaction. (このページは現在作成中です。)

Do not use following PV without thinking. These are initial video to promote about deleted video.

These video may telling recover the video without any caution.

Please consider that it is important listen the opinion of original Producer.

Direction of this campin maybe changed already.

下記のPVは、SAVE MIKUの初期のビデオの為、安易に再度利用しないでください。



  • 【Videos】

  • The videos below were made by volunteers in order to raise awareness over the deletion of Miku videos.
  • Feel free to add to this list.