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Correction RequestEdit

Please find in the separate page. summary page2

Case7 【Crypton and Google are solving problems or NOT TURE】

Correction of wrong or inaccurate informationEdit

Following websites contains wrong or inaccurate information. It is causing confusion to other people too. Thus, correction of information is requested. Before the correction of the website, please take "Fish COPY" to save and keep the evidence.Edit

For those who keep posting "save miku"



Save Miku meme

Save hatsune mikuEdit

Requests for correction of videosEdit

9) Please delete these kind of video and message by your selfEdit

Again, Crypton and Google are NOT solving the video deletion problem actively according to Crypton and our investigation. They are just collecting some information as written in J-CAST News on February 2, 2012.=Edit

We found the critical information. Following information from is similar to spam in YouTube dated February 03, 2012 (and some others) as listed below. Where is the evidence to support their article on April 16, 2012? Did wrote the article without confirmation? Who add the information regarding Korea "they even confirmed that the Koreans had nothing to do with it."?Edit


>[The problem with video deletions had been solved by Google and Crypton over two months ago,]

In the spam, we found mis-translation from original J-CAST News, February 2, 2012.

(The person who wrote spam may though that :there was the name of Google and Crypton in the J-CAST News, Then the person might thought it was already safe.)

Following are wrong message spread by someone:Edit


February 3, 2012

EDIT: Miku is now safe, Crypton and Google made a joint effort and fixed the issue.

Countless videos featuring Miku are being deleted by unknown individuals and/or groups. Everybody, help us to save Miku!

What you can do:

1. Download every Miku video you watch with a YouTube Downloader of your choice

2. Upload them to your channel and mark them with SaveMiku (at least in tags, better in the title)

3. Spread this message through comments and video descriptions

We are her soul. We give her voice. We give her life.

We, the fans, are Hatsune Miku.

They want to take her down? They'll have to take us down!

I do not own anything. Everything belongs to their rightful owners.**

Example of video:

Do you still think your information is correct?

There are big mis-understandings inclusing Google and Crypton issue and other information too.

Many other problems are also found. It was not possible to release the correct information widely due to spam and investigation.

Following are wrong or inaccurate information according to Crypton and the investigation of SAVE MIKU. "Crypron and Google are already solving actively. Everyone is nothing to do."

New articles is under preparation from SAVE MIKU and other places.

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