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Some more information from uploaders was added to the comments of the Uploaders page. So you can also look there for potential case studies.


I keep in touch with xxKMSakura. I remember that she had two strikes before the incident reached her. We looked up the fake complaint the night it was taken down (Christmas, or the day before or after, if I can remember correctly) and couldn't find any leads. The group then was "笹川 純一". I saw this original thread and pointed it out to her, but even now she's worried about any potential legal processes.
She decided about a week or two later to create the "TheKMSakura" account and started to re-upload the video. Within about two or three weeks, the videos, and eventually the account, were taken down by "笹口 純一".

FEB 12 additional information from KYA at

After doing some digging (in no particular order):
-xxKMSakura - Regret Snow (taken down Dec. 26) - 笹川 純一
-TheKMSakura - wowaka feat. Ai Nonaka and Eri Kitamura "and I'm home" with English Subs - Shenzhen Eri
-TheKMSakura - Hatsune Miku "Mushroom Mother" with English Subs - 笹口 純一
-TheKMSakura - Hatsune Miku "864000" with English Subs - 笹口 純一
And may I point to the unusual search results for Shenzhen Eri.
...and the videos listed are the ones that probably concern us. She says that she's been flagged twice before, both with legitimate reason. ANTINOTICE was taken down by TOYSFACTORYJP, who owns the right to start with.

Saruta 00:40, February 12, 2012 (UTC) Case studies on these four videos would be interesting. In particular, one video is from an official release featuring features Eri Kitamura: , the song listed is in the discography. Shenzen Eri" is really a Chinese company making electronics hardware, but perhaps the attackers used this name from confusion with Eri Kitamura? Who *really* holds the rights for "I'm home"? It would also be very interesting to investigate rights/licenses for the other three. Ideally, someone who understands Japanese could do this.


My YouTube channel was I lost the channel due to claims from people posing as Toei Animation and Sony. One of many videos I lost was a video of Miku, and over 25 other Vocaloids singing "Honey". Another video I had four different claims on. It was of Miku singing "Ievan Polkka". That one got a claim from "Orchard Music Group" and "The Music Company".

From Saruta 22:46, February 8, 2012 (UTC): "The Music Company" sounds like a name impostors would use! As for Orchard Music Group (or someone pretending to be them) there have been cases of their involvement in srange claims:

It would be great to know when the attacks happened, and ideally what other videos were attacked.

Saruta 00:40, February 12, 2012 (UTC) received from damesukekun on CNSE reprinted Sailor Moon videos and her account was suspended by Toei. Her termination has nothing to do with Miku.

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Kasane Teto "A day in the loop"

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