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For contact and Discussion

Dear Saruta,

Thank you for your help. I edited and testing the homepage of savemiku_english @ wiki.
savemiku_english @ wiki

I also edited some Japnese savemiku Wiki Page.

Thank you for your URL links to our Website.

1) Please make sure, our English site is under construction. Many pages are still testing.
2) Non-confluent English user is writing text. Therefore, content will be necessary to improve before spreading the massage.
Current edition may be version-3 or so.
3) I did not write the main massage text by English nor Japanese to our site yet, since I wanted make sure more in advance.
4) I would like to make sure that you already understand the opinion of some Producers as written in your

Q1)How many languages are you able to use?
Q2) Since we do not have native English user, is it possible to check English?
Q3) Since there is important concern about Producer (P),are you interested in this idea written below?
-A)Not only the investigation of the deleted Youtube video,
-B) Raise more international communication or community by using this phenomenon (such as international help)

-C) There is some opinion that starting international communication is very nice.

Q4) Do you have any page to write comment or any community page?

Q5) Since most of us are not good in English writing including Producers (P).

Many Jaqpanese are very shay including Procucers (P).
Is it possible to make a new page for user of introductory English Level to write down ?

such as [Discussion Forum in Low Level English] or something.

(For the discussion about deleted video, copyright problem and others.)
Otherwise, Could I make a new Page?

I try to write down your in your comment page
Vocaloid videos on Youtube were deleted by unknown.

However, the button of [This topic is locket] is selected already at the bottom of the page.
I don't know what is going on.
If possible, could you un-lock or make a new page?

Is it OK to write down here?
If there is any problem, please delete this massage.

sincerely yours,



I made a new page of this name by pressing "Add New Page".

For contact and Discussion

However, I can not find this "For contact and Discussion" page in the menu.

Is it possible to tell, where can I find this page from menu?

I only able to find in "recent activity". However, I wanted to add in following section.

Forum page

Dear Saruta,


this content of P.S. 2 will be deleted after finish to read.

I'm going back to Japanese site to see what is going on.

Webmaster of both Japanese wiki and English wiki may quitting due to too much devate to other people and some trouble within wiki menber.

He temporary closed most of the page, however most of the page is still remaining.


Dear Saruta,

Webmaster deleted Japanese wiki site and English wiki page.

Please take copy of Orpginal page as a backup files form other website if you find by googole.

About 3-5 hours ago Cache fike in Googole seems to be updated.

Is there any way to get Cache file of litte bit before?,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=753d23c93938b4c5&biw=988&bih=832

search word:

english site:

This is google cache page of the top page of English wiki.