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Link to wikiA HELP page.Edit

Wikia 使用法Help:トップページ (日本語ヘルプ)Edit


日本の読者の方へ。 サインアップしてください。 言語を日本語に設定してください。 ガイダンスとその他の表示が日本語となります。 このwikiを使用することが非常に簡単になります。

There is study pages of Wikia.【WikiAの使い方の練習場所です】Edit

WikiStudy (You can study how to modify.)

You can modify following page freely. You can add pages in WikiStudy Website.

You can modify this page freely. (自由に練習の為に、改変してください。)Edit

You can add illustration in these following WikiStudy pages.,_Acnowlegements_and_Credit,_Acnowlegements_and_Credit2

Test and Study Pages of text

Wikia Help page2

How to use Wikia. (HELP guide)Edit


Help:Getting Technical


Help:Magic words

[Magic words] in help seems containing additional command to use in wikiA

Help:Getting Technical

Help:Feeds Facebook Social Plugins

Help:Getting TechnicalEdit


Help:YouTube extensionEdit

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Lion Sleeps Tonight



Help:Google spreadsheetsEdit


How to use Wikia

   Namespace and page title.

How to use Wikia

Wikia 使用法Help:トップページ (日本語ヘルプ)Edit


I also found something about Twitter in WikiA Japan. 新しいページ: Help:ツイッターの表示

I also found Japanese wikiA and Japanese HELP page, I am also wondering that to keep hide.
Large number of Anti-Korean spammer and anti-Save Miku spammer may not able to read and write English due to language barriar. Please think at later.

This Temporary Japanese Menu maybe deleted in future in order to protect from Spamer who can use Japanese.

(この暫定 日本語メニューは、スパマーや嵐の情報へのアクセスを防ぐために、後で削除される可能性が高いです。)

This page is under construction. (このページは現在作成中です。)

=Extensions enabled by default=



Category:All extensionsEdit

=Category:Extensions by page action=

=Category:Redirect extensions=

Help:New Window LinksEdit

NewWindowLink command is no longer supported. Thus, terminated in Wikia. Do not use. Please fix bug when you find the bug.

NewWindowLink] コマンドは、Wikiaで廃止されました。そのため使用できません。 以前のページで、古いバグが残っている場合は、修正してください。

  • local links: {{ #NewWindowLink: Special:AllPages | a list of pages on the wiki }}
  • external links: {{ #NewWindowLink: | MediaWiki }}
  • interwiki links: {{ #NewWindowLink: Wikipedia:MediaWiki | Wikipedia article about MediaWiki }}
  • mailto links: {{ #NewWindowLink: | mail John }}


To link to a page on a different wiki, enter "w:c:" followed by the domain of that wiki, followed by the namespace and pagename.

Help:Editing video helpEdit


Contents Section

How can I take out the "Contents" table from my main page. I obviously don't want it there.

   Put  on it. --Pcj (T•C) 17:03, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

Help:System messagesEdit

Twitter button

function addTwitterButton() {

  $('#twitter-button').append('<a href="" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="false">Follow @redwallwiki</a><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>');

} $(addTwitterButton);


Loading RSS data...

Yes, see MediaWiki:TwitterWidget (change the username, admins only) or use <twitteruser username=yourusername limit=max # of tweets/>
  1. Yes, you might want to copy File:Social twitter.png
  1. I think you mean message, you might be able to use Twitter's solution for this, just add the resulting code to MediaWiki:SomePage (with SomePage changed to something else) and add <Verbatim>SomePage</Verbatim> (with SomePage changed to something else) where you want the button. If the spam filter catches your script, we might need a new solution.
  1. Yep, see Avatar Wiki.