Everyone help me operation save miku by sezfox-d4of6xu


The Save Miku English wiki is in need of help from bilingual people with English and Japanese.

BIG ISSUE! What are the Piapro Character License rules? They only exist in Japanese. Please do contribute here: Piapro Character License research

We know some cases of particular deleted videos. We need to check the producer sites and see if they in fact allow YT use; if not , we might need to contact the producers and ask whether anyone was authorized to make requests on their behalf. If not, this means someone is STEALING rights to their work by claiming a right to delete it! But without the Japanese language, we can't find out!

Also, we would really like to know some other things that are only available in Japanese. This includes:

- Any producer Web sites or contacts.

- Any existing statements from producers or copyright owners on whether one can repost and/or translate their work. These statements might be on their sites, blogs, NND videos, etc.

- Any corporate statements on the issue, whether from copyright holding companies, Crypton, Nico Nico Douga, etc.

- Any additional facts that Japanese users have found. (But we do mean *facts*, with some proof - not groundless suspicions).

The pages where your help would be greatly appreciated are marked with the category "Need Japanese language help".